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Hi! My name is Veronika and I'm the one and only person behind Vero Fojt brand. I started as an aspiring tattoo artist in Canada but transitioned to digital art shortly after my move to Australia. Some people ask “why digital”? My answer is simply because it's easy to move and change environments whilst still having the possibility to take all creative tools with me. 

After moving away from my tattoo designing in Canada, I was wondering what my journey will entail and what type of creative art I should devote my focus to. I spent a lot of time looking for who I am and what I'm passionate about.


All of this started changing after we got our Borzoi girl Gigi in 2019. She quickly became the centre of my world and it naturally affected my work as well. I always loved Borzois but was never previously able to own one. Welcoming Gigi to our family opened door to all things dogs and very often narrowed my focus down to sighthounds. 

I started out almost solely painting sighthounds, until my audience of sighthounds and their owners grew to a point where I decided to open my own shop displaying my art. People now have a chance to purchase some of my artwork, whilst I grow the brand and start offering more products and services.

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